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"ADHD for many people is a performance problem, not a knowledge problem."
Coaching provides a framework for students and adults to work on their performance by identifying the problem, providing accountability and empowering them to move forward.   When you work with me, you should expect a partnership with transparency and consistency.

Testimonials: Testimonials

Working weekly with Michelle has given my son a noticeable confidence boost as he navigates his courses virtually owing to the pandemic while working through his ADHD. Not only is Michelle incredibly kind and empathic, she is a skilled listener who continually guides my son toward ownership of his learning and academic progress. Michelle’s gentle yet adept questions steer my son to understanding his work style, habits, and needs better. Her coaching has given him more self-awareness with respect to his individual needs, which nudges him to a greater level of independence. With Michelle’s guidance, he has learned how to acknowledge to himself what his strengths are, as well as what tools, strategies, and resources he can use to boost his success in areas he finds challenging. Additionally, because of his increasing self-awareness combined with Michelle’s skilled guidance he has learned how to advocate for himself appropriately and positively when interacting with teachers and peers. Though he will likely continue to face academic challenges as the rigor of his coursework increases with his age, he will face these challenges with greater confidence knowing that he can succeed by applying the approaches and techniques he has learned through Michelle’s coaching.

-Michelle H, Alexandria, VA

Testimonials: Testimonials
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